The Fiance Visa

Many Americans have the good fortune of meeting the love of their life overseas. Since a U.S. Citizen cannot petition for permanent residence for this person until they are married, a fiancé can come to the U.S. on the Fiance Visa. This visa is also known as a K-1 visa for the section of the federal regulations that it is listed under.

Both the Fiance and the U.S. Citizen must be legally eligible to marry. They also must have met in person at least once.

A petition for this type of visa must be approved by both the USCIS here in the U.S. and by the consulate that serves the alien’s country. Once the fiancé arrives here, he/she is given ninety days to marry the U.S. Citizen or their status terminates. Once the couple is married, the U.S. Citizen can file a petition in the U.S. for permanent residence for his spouse.