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Many people fear going through a divorce because they have certain negative presumptions about the process. Many of these expectations are formed by our television shows, movies and second hand information from people who have gone through a divorce. Both men and women fear that people of their sex are treated unfairly in the process. You should know that your divorce can be fair if you make a commitment that you will demand a fair result.

You also need an attorney who understands Connecticut Divorce Law, and who has experience in litigating divorces. As your attorney, I would make sure that I am fully informed of your hopes and desires concerning your divorce. You can expect that I will press your case in court or in settlement negotiations in a manner best suited to get the result you desire.

To represent you, I will make the following commitments:

  • I will never allow children to be used as bargaining chips.

  • I will insure that any visitation with the children is fair and in the best interest of the children.

  • I will pursue a fair amount of child support based upon Connecticut's Child Support Guidelines.

  • I will be fully informed of all changes in court procedures and substantive law concerning divorce in Connecticut.

  • I will be a strong advocate for your desires concerning your divorce.

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