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The City of Norwalk had two thousand and three hundred and thirty eight auto collisions in 2019. Four hundred and seventy of those had injuries. Luckily none of these collisions involved fatalities. If you have had an auto collision in Norwalk, you can obtain a police report of the incident by going to the Norwalk Police Department at 1 Monroe Street in Norwalk. The hours there are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is a fee for the report of one dollar per page. You can also buy the report online at, however the fee can be sixteen dollars for the report. Reports can be 10-12 pages long.

Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins is a car accident attorney who represents people who had auto collisions in Norwalk. Attorney Hoffkins’ office is located just a half a mile over the Norwalk border. Attorney Hoffkins has helped many people form Norwalk achieve significant settlements on their cases.

Since Norwalk is a City, it has many busy streets which are potential hot spots for auto collisions. The post road runs the length of Norwalk and is called Connecticut Avenue on the Western side of the city but Westport Avenue on the eastern side of the City. West Avenue runs from the Belden Avenue area into South Norwalk and has its share of auto collisions. Also, East Avenue runs along the eastern side of town where it intersects with Intestate 95 at Exit sixteen. At this intersection, you can have a lot of auto collisions particularly at rush hour in the afternoon. At this time traffic gets backed up as cars try to exit the highway and make a left onto East Avenue but the light does not allow enough traffic to go through and auto collisions occur. Norwalk Car Accident lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins has personally litigated several cases involving traffic collisions on East Avenue just off of Exit sixteen and on I95 in Norwalk.

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People from Norwalk who are involved in an auto collision in Norwalk will most likely have their case heard in the Superior Court for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk at Stamford. The address of this court is 123 Hoyt Street, in Stamford, Connecticut. Although the issue of where a case is heard can also depend on where the parties live. If one of the parties to a lawsuit live in another county or judicial district, they could file the case in the court that serves the other judicial district.

In addition to auto collisions, Norwalk sees plenty of litigation from injuries that occur on commercial property. Whenever any individual is injured from a trip and fall on another person’s, or a business’s property, then there is the potential for liability. Major commercial properties in Norwalk include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Stop & Shop, Shoprite Shopping center, Stew Leonard’s Dairy Store and the Best Bury shopping center.

To succeed on such a claim you must also show that the condition that you tripped on was unreasonably dangerous for the conditions. The owner must also have had notice of the dangerous condition. For instance, if a slippery substance is spilled on the floor of a supermarket, and a person falls on it one minute later, then the owner would claim he had no notice and no liability. The difficulty with these cases is proving notice. Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins has had substantial success in proving notice in slip and fall cases.

Norwalk is a small city located in the heart of lower Fairfield County, Connecticut. The population of Norwalk is approximately 88,438, and an additional 1200 people enter the city every day to work. Norwalk is home to numerous corporate headquarters such as Xerox, Pepperidge Farm, Affineon Group, Fact Set Research, Emcor Group, and and Frontier Communications. Norwalk is both a place to work and to live, for in addition to the many employers, it has several fine neighborhoods such as Wolfpit, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, Silvermine, Cranbury, West Rocks, Rowayton, and South Norwalk. The city is easily accessed by Interstate 95, the Merritt Parkway, Metro North Commuter Railroad and Amtrak. Norwalk is also the home of the annual Oyster Festival which celebrates its historical connection to the shell fishing in the adjacent Long Island Sound.