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Personal injury law involves a claim for injuries to the person that can occur in numerous ways. One of the most common ways involves automobile collisions. This are of law also encompasses a claim for people who have fallen and injured themselves because of a defective condition on someone’s property. The defective condition might be snow or ice that should have been removed, a slippery substance left on a supermarket floor, or a sidewalk that is in bad condition.

As a trial attorney, I present these types of cases in Court. Presenting a case for personal injuries in Court is like being the conductor of a symphony. The case has many moving parts which must all be carefully made to all work together and come together at the right time. As a trial lawyer, I must of course be knowledgeable of the law including the law of when a person can bring a claim, the law of evidence and legal procedures. But I must also be knowledgeable of the medicine concerning the body part that has been injured. As a good trial attorney, I always make sure I have spent time reviewing the medicine of how a body part is supposed to work normally as well as how it is not working normally for my client, and how this causes my client pain.

A good example is the spine. Normally, the spine works well for most of us while we stretch and bend. But when the muscles around the spine or the disks that work as shock absorbers for the spine are injured, they don’t work properly and this causes people pain. As a trial attorney I present this information to the jury so they understand how my client is indeed injured.

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The means of getting this information to the jury is not simple. In Court we have extensive rules of what kind of evidence is admissible in Court. A client cannot just bring in their own medical records and bills and present them. The other side would object and that objection would be sustained. Being a good trial lawyer means understanding the rules of evidence and how to get them admitted into evidence.

One of the most important types of evidence is my client’s testimony. A good client’s testimony is truly necessary, for a bad client’s testimony will kill any chances of a good jury verdict. As an attorney I always spend considerable time with my client preparing them for their testimony so they can testify confidently. I also prepare them for what kinds of questions they can expect from defense counsel, so that they are not surprised at a trial.

Even if you know how to get evidence admitted, you need to know what to do with that evidence. You need to know what evidence is the strongest type of evidence that a jury will find most compelling. A good trial attorney must also have a talent for being able to stand in front of a jury and make a compelling argument based on that evidence.

As an attorney with over 30 years of experience, I can bring all of these pieces together to present a case for you. Below please find some articles concerning the types of injuries and issues in personal injury law today.