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The human brain is the most important organ of the body and it may be the most fragile. Brain injuries can occur in many different incidents including auto accidents, slips and falls and sporting accidents. In a traumatic brain injury, the consequences can include the loss of brain function, the loss of a major bodily function or death. In a mild traumatic brain injury, the consequences may be more subtle and go unnoticed until long after the original injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in many ways, and just a couple of examples can be listed here. If the skull is fractured after receiving a blow, parts of the skull may splinter into the brain causing a contusion or laceration of the brain tissue. Alternatively, contusions can occur even if there is no fracture. In these cases, the brain is knocked back and forth within the skull cavity and may bruise as it hits the skull wall or as it slides along the skull wall. This is what occurs in the "Shaken baby syndrome".

If the brain hemorrhages, the rigidity of the skull will force fluid to begin to collect within portions of the brain. This can restrict blood flow to the brain which can cause sever brain damage or even death.

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Mild traumatic brain injuries are caused the same way. However, the consequences are more mild because the injury to the brain was less significant. These symptoms can include poor attention and concentration, poor memory, irritability, frustration, persistent low grade headaches, light headedness, ringing in the ears, sleep disturbance and anxiety or depression. Also, a mild traumatic brain injury can cause poor communication skills, reduced ability to process information, reduced reaction times, and problems with general reasoning.

These symptoms of the mild traumatic brain injury can often be quite subtle. Even physicians can miss these symptoms because they are so subtle. Often, only the family members or co-workers will notice these changes in the victim. Also, the symptoms may not become apparent until weeks or months after the injury.

Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins understands the complexities of these types of injuries. He has experience litigating and presenting these claims. He will work with a client and his or her whole family to present the full details of how this mild traumatic brain injury has affected his client's life.