O & P Visas for People of Extraordinary Ability

Foreign nationals who have achieved high awards or high level of achievement in the sciences, business, education or athletics may qualify for an O Visa. This visa has substantial advantages over the H-1b or the TN Visa. The O Visa carries with it no requirement that the employer pay the prevailing wage, and can be issued to persons in any field. In addition, individuals who feel they might qualify for pursuits in the arts, music or theatre would also qualify.

As an attorney, I have successfully obtained O Visa status for my clients. Of all the nonimmigrant visas available, this one requires the assistance of an attorney the most. The CIS can only issue an O visa when they receive evidence that proves the alien is an alien of Extraordinary Ability. The definition of Extraordinary Ability is set by legal precedent. An attorney is best trained to argue the legal precedents, and show that a particular person's achievements qualify that person as one of Extraordinary Ability.

P Visas are available for individuals who will perform individually or as part of a team at an internationally recognized level, or who will perform with or are an integral part of the performance of an entertainment group that received international recognition as "Outstanding" for a " sustained and substantial period of time."