L-1 Visas for Intra Company Transferees

The L-1 visa allows people who have worked for a company overseas for at least one year out of the last three years to come to work for that company in the U.S. Most large corporations that transfer their employees from other countries to the U.S. use the L-1 visa. Even small companies can qualify to have their employees receive these visas.

The L-1 visa is limited to transferees who perform executive or management functions or who possess specialized knowledge about the company's practices or procedures. Many people prefer to use this visa if possible, for it does not have any of the limitations of other visas. For instance, the L-1 visa does not include the prevailing wage requirement that is involved with the H-1b. Also, the beneficiary of the visa need not possess a degree in a field of specialized knowledge as is required for nthe H-1b. Please note that legislation pending in Congress would add the prevailing wage requirement to the L-1 visa as well as all the other attestations that are made in a Labor Condition Application that is associated with the H-1b.

A company that has existed in another country, and wishes to open a branch office in the U.S. can also qualify for its U.S. employees to receive L-1 visas. Although these cases are much more difficult than those involving major corporations with clearly recognizable names, I have had success in having them approved. If you feel that your company can qualify for the L-1 visa, please contact my office.