International Divorce Issues

Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins has a wide range of experience representing individuals who are seeking a divorce here in Connecticut, even though they or their spouse is originally from another country. These cases can have a number of difficult issues.

In many of these cases, one spouse may have been sponsored for U.S. Permanent Residence by the other spouse. In other cases, both spouses may be foreign nationals, and they are only here on a temporary visa for one spouse to work. In these cases, the visa for the non-working spouse would be contingent on being legally married to the spouse who is working. So if there is a divorce, the non working spouse will no longer have a visa. Another type of case occurs when one spouse is an illegal alien and little can be done to make that spouse legal.

In many of these cases, one party either wants to return to the home country or must do so for lack of a visa. This can be complicated when child custody or visitation is at issue. The judges in Connecticut Courts often know very little about immigration issues, and must be educated about them. As an attorney with experience in immigration law, Mr. Hoffkins has had substantial success in educating the courts about immigration issues. .

Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins is also experienced at using Connecticut Courts to obtain divorces for individuals who live in the U.S., but their spouse resides in a foreign country.