Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability

The first category of employment based permanent residence includes aliens of Extraordinary Ability. This category was created in the Immigration Act of 1990, to attract the most talented individuals in the world to come to America. The visa is available to an individual from any country, in any field of endeavor who has risen to the very top of their field.

The CIS looks at applications for this type of visa very critically. They are truly looking for people who have risen to the top of their field. A person who seeks this classification should have won substantial awards for their work, or been recognized important groups or associations in their field for their achievement. Since not all fields of endeavor include national or internationally recognized committees or prizes, some people can qualify by providing other types of evidence.

The extraordinary ability classification holds a substantial advantage, for the alien does not have to go through the lengthy labor certification process to obtain permanent residence. As an attorney, I have had success with these kinds of petitions. I can help you see if you can qualify for extraordinary ability status.