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Wilton Spinal & Neck Injury Attorney

Injuries to a person’s spine, neck, or back can be debilitating. Too often these types of injuries are also caused by another party’s negligent acts. Spinal and neck injuries are most common in motor vehicle accidents, but can also result from a serious slip-and-fall, especially where a victim is elderly. These victims will also sometimes need financial assistance beyond their insurance benefits to aid in their recovery. Wilton spinal and neck injury attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins is dedicated to making sure that financial assistance comes from the parties responsible. Mr. Hoffkins has over three decades of experience representing clients in personal injury claims, and fights on their behalf to obtain the best possible outcome for their situation. If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal, neck, or back injury involving negligence, call the Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins today or contact us online to learn more about your legal rights.

Types and Causes of Wilton Spinal and Neck Injuries

A spinal, neck or back injury may affect one of Wilton’s over 17,000 residents, either themselves suffering one or a family member. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal injuries nationwide, according to the Mayo Clinic, with 40 percent attributable to collisions. In Wilton, these dangerous crashes can happen on Route 7 as well as Route 33. Even seemingly minor rear-end collisions can lead to a painful whiplash injury for those involved. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Wilton, consulting a knowledgeable spinal and neck injury lawyer is advisable to preserve your legal rights. Dangerous hazards on sidewalks, in parking lots, or even while shopping at a store, can lead to a fall that results in a spinal or neck injury. If you’ve suffered a back, neck, or spinal injury while visiting Village Market, Wilton Center, or Wilton River Park Shopping Center, those responsible for keeping the premises safe for customers may be liable for your harm.

Different kinds of spinal, neck or back injuries can result from either motor vehicle accidents or a fall, ranging in severity, but each come with their own recovery efforts for victims. Complete spinal injuries, commonly known as paraplegia or quadriplegia, result in loss of all function for the limbs involved. Incomplete spinal injuries result in pain or numbness in the area but the victim still retains use of the limbs affected. Back injuries common in a fall or collision include damage to soft tissue, fractures, and herniated discs. A seasoned Wilton injury attorney will be able to help you determine your next legal step following such injuries.

Personal Injury Claims for Spinal, Neck, or Back Injuries.

If you’ve suffered a spinal, neck, or back injury, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment. Norwalk Hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides paramedic and EMT staffing for Wilton and the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corp, who will respond to the scene of a serious accident. After being assessed and treated, recovering from a serious spinal or neck injury may be expensive. In situations where your injury was caused by negligence legal claims can be filed in Superior Court in the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk. Negligence is present when a party breaches their duty of reasonable care, causing a victim’s injuries, and resulting in damages. In motor vehicle crashes, usually a negligent driver has acted negligently by speeding or tailgating or otherwise acting careless behind the wheel. Property owners breach their duties to those visiting their premises when they fail to warn or fix dangerous conditions known to them.

Victims who have suffered serious injuries are entitled to damages from those at-fault for an accident. A court may award compensation for the costs of past and future medical treatments, including surgeries, long-term rehabilitation or care, and therapy. These victims may also be compensated for time missed from work and any changes to their ability to earn a living.

Contact a Spinal and Neck Injury Attorney in Wilton

If you’ve sustained a spinal, neck, or back injury due to someone’s negligent behavior, they should be held legally liable. These injuries can have a significant financial impact on victims, and Wilton spinal and neck injury lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins of the Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins can help make sure the proper parties pay. Contact our office today or online to explore your legal options.