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Stamford Truck Accident Lawyer

Victims of truck accidents sustain the most catastrophic, sometimes fatal, injuries. As opposed to other motor vehicle collisions, those involving heavy, large tractor trailers, pose an exponential risk of life-altering harm. Often it is a truck driver, or those responsible for a truck’s maintenance, that are at-fault for these accidents. Stamford truck accident lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins helps victims determine the circumstances surrounding their collisions to make sure the appropriate parties are held accountable. Truck accident cases are more complex than other lawsuits, involving big trucking companies with vast resources and their own interests. At The Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins, we are dedicated to making sure our clients’ voices are heard, and their legal rights zealously advocated for throughout proceedings. If you’ve been injured, or lost a loved one, due to a trucking accident, and have questions about your legal options, contact our office today.

Dangerous Stamford Truck Crashes

Interstate-95 is one of the most dangerous highways in the country. The part of the route that passes through and serves Stamford is no exception. This stretch of road has been the location of numerous, often deadly, truck accidents in recent years. Aside from the 121,000 residents who call Stamford home, over 20,000 people come into town for work each day, many of them utilizing I-95 for their commute. Numerous, massive, tractor-trailers also occupy that road for their travels. An accident involving a truck can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Inadequate truck maintenance,

  • Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Distracted driving

  • Improper loading of cargo

  • Driver fatigue

If you’ve been involved in a Stamford truck accident, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help discover the cause of your collision.

Claims Arising Out of Truck Accidents

If a truck driver acts carelessly behind the wheel, they can be held accountable for their negligence. As can trucking companies who either act negligently too, or who are vicariously liable for their employee’s negligent acts. Personal injury and wrongful death suits based on negligence require that victims’, or surviving relatives, show that the defendants have breached a duty of care owed to the victim. The breach must also be a proximate cause of the victim’s injury or death and result in damages.

When a motor vehicle accident causes severe injury or death in Stamford, the Stamford Police Department’s Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Squad (CARS) will conduct an investigation. This squad of officers are trained in Operating Under the Influence (OIU) testing and enforcement; collision reduction by speed enforcement as well as truck regulation enforcement. The results of CARS’ investigations are vital as evidence in both criminal cases and civil litigation. A seasoned Stamford truck accident lawyer can also make sure you have other necessary documentation to prove your claim. This evidence can include a truck’s electronic sensor records as well as maintenance logs and a driver’s work logs - which track meal and rest breaks. Connecticut has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of a victim’s injury or death within which claims must be filed. Once liability is shown, a victim may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income or earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering. In fatal truck accidents, certain relatives may receive damages for funeral and burial expenses or loss of support.

Stamford Truck Crash Lawyer

When you’ve been injured by a negligent truck driver, your life could forever be altered. Aside from injuries requiring surgeries, rehabilitative treatments, and time missed from work, victims can also face permanent disability. Stamford truck accident attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins has extensive knowledge and experience going up against large trucking companies and fights to ensure his clients receive the best outcome possible. If you’ve been injured, or someone you love has lost their life, due to a collision involving a truck, you have legal recourse. Contact our office or online to speak with an attorney today.