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Norwalk Divorce Attorney

Unfortunately, divorce is a necessary step in life for some individuals. Although many dissolutions of marriages are amicable, others can be more contentious or complicated. Issues such as those regarding child custody arrangements, property division, or alimony may arise during these proceedings. Having your own legal advocate can be vital for former couples in order to come to a fair agreement. Norwalk divorce lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins assists those going through the process of ending their marriage in filings, settlement negotiations, and other legal matters involved in a divorce. If you need legal assistance in your divorce proceedings, contact the Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins or online to speak with an attorney today.

Divorce Proceedings in Norwalk

The last census reported that City of Norwalk has 91,184 residents, with 47.1% being married couples that live together. However, marriage doesn’t always last forever, and some of these couples may need to seek a dissolution at some point. In Connecticut, divorces can be due to one spouse’s fault, such as adultery, intolerable cruelty, fraudulent contract, or willful desertion. Spouses can also petition for a no-fault divorce after being separated for at least 18 months. An experienced divorce attorney in Norwalk can help you determine which petition is right for your situation.

In some cases, spouses can do a more streamlined process in their divorce. A “nonadversarial”, or simplified divorce, is one where spouses may be granted a decree of divorce without appearing before a judge. For these types of divorces the couple must meet certain criteria including, but not limited to: being married less than 9 years; have no children; have no interest in real property; and also cannot be parties to certain pending proceedings or legal actions. Simplified divorces also do not require the mandatory 90-day waiting period before a decree is issued. However, almost 30% of the households in Norwalk have minor children living with them. This means those households would not be eligible for a nonadversarial divorce decree. Spouses may also request to waive the waiting period if they have come to an agreement about all terms before the 90 days has passed.

Many spouses, however, do not come to a full agreement and therefore are required to wait the 90 days before an appearance. This initial court appearance is called the case management date. If an agreement between spouses regarding child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support has been reached on this date, the judge may grant the divorce at that time. If there has not been a full resolution, a case management agreement, financial affidavits, and a parenting agreement, if applicable, will be submitted then before trial. Consulting a knowledgeable Norwalk divorce lawyer who is important to ensure the proper documents are in order and your rights are protected. Divorce proceedings for residents of Norwalk may be filed at either the judicial district of Stamford-Norwalk, which is located at 123 Hoyt Street in Stamford, or the judicial district of Fairfield, with an address at 1061 Main Street in Bridgeport. Both courthouses operate Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.

Dedicated Legal Representation for Your Norwalk Divorce

Divorce can impact those going through it emotionally as well as financially. When children are involved, divorce proceedings get considerably more complicated. It is important that you have a legal advocate you trust on your side. If you are separated, or considering filing for divorce, Norwalk divorce lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins is available to help you determine what the next best step is for you and your family. Contact the Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins or online to find out more about our legal services.