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Greenwich is known as the gateway to New England, for it’s the first town in New England that one encounters if traveling to New England from New York City on any one of the major highways or railroads. Greenwich is a highly affluent town with many beautiful upscale homes and neighborhoods. The Town of Greenwich has a population of 62,368. Greenwich is also the home to numerous large employers such as Nestle Waters North America, W.R. Berkeley Corp., Urstadt Biddle Properties, Inc., First Reserve Corporation, Cambridge Solutions, Antares Investment Partners, and AQR Capital. The town has many lovely sections of town know as Byram, Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Mianus, Pemberwick, Central Greenwich, Round Hill, Belle Haven and Glenville. In addition, Greenwich has many beautiful public parks including Greenwich Point, Island Beach, Byram Beach and Bruce Park. The Town of Greenwich is served by the Superior Court building in Stamford, Connecticut.

Greenwich is served by the court for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk in Stamford. This courthouse hosts all kinds of state court matters, including criminal trials, Personal Injury actions, commercial litigation, medical malpractice claims, juvenile matters and foreclosures.

The Town of Greenwich is fortunate to have a relatively small number of auto collisions in town. In 2019 it had only one hundred and twenty one auto collisions reported to the Greenwich Police Department. There was only one auto collision in Greenwich in 2019 that involved a fatality. Unfortunately, there have already been three in 2020. One was due to poor visibility, the second was due to a driver falling asleep and the third was a pedestrian who was struck by a car.

If you are involved in an auto collision in Greenwich and you need a copy of your police report, you can get it at the Public Safety Complex. This building is located at 11 Bruce Place which is located off of the lower part of Greenwich Avenue. The hours to obtain a police report are from 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. on Monday through Friday. You should call 203-622-8024 to make sure the report is ready and available. Also in this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic, police departments are changing their hours regularly, so its best to call ahead and make sure these times are still accurate.

Greenwich car accident lawyer, Kevin L. Hoffkins has litigated numerous cases involving injuries from auto collisions in Greenwich. Car accident attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins grew up in Greenwich and knows the streets of Greenwich very well. He knows very well the streets in town on which you will see most of the auto collisions. Both East and West Putnam Avenue are main thoroughfares in town and have many auto collisions. But you also see them on other roads such as King Street, North Street and Greenwich Avenue.

One of the more difficult cases that Car accident lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins had to litigate arose in Greenwich. A young twenty one year old woman was sitting in a parked car in the parking lot of Armstrong Court when a pick up truck came along and hit the side of her car. She went to the Emergency Room at Greenwich Hospital and was there for several hours. After being released with a neck brace, she was drove home on Byram Avenue. When she came to the intersection with Delavan Avenue, another car ran a red light and struck her vehicle causing her car to do a complete 360 spin. My client had injuries from both incidents. The hard part of the case was proving how much injury came from each defendant. Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins sued both defendants and got contribution from both.

If you want a good settlement or court result in your case, you need a successful car accident lawyer like Attorney Hoffkins. People who have injuries from auto collisions in Greenwich will probably have their case heard in the Judicial Branch Courthouse in Stamford, Connecticut. Although if the other party lives somewhere else, they could have their case filed in another courthouse.

Greenwich is not home to a major mall or big box stores like other towns in Fairfield County. But people can still be injured while on commercial property of smaller businesses. Greenwich Avenue is a street that is lined with many upscale shops. Substantial commercial building has emerged in recent years on West Putnam Avenue including a large CVS store. These businesses are not necessarily dangerous, however a slip and a fall can happen anywhere. Also, if you are injured from a defect on a sidewalk or public street, you may have a claim against the Town of Greenwich. In any slip and fall case, you will always have to show negligence on the part of the property owner that caused you to slip and fall. For a claim against the town, you must prove that the defect in the sidewalk or street was the only cause of our injury. The common defense that we see in these cases is a claim that the plaintiff was not watching where they were going. But there can often be reasons why a person slips and falls due to no fault of their own.

Greenwich is a town that is home to many large business including hedge funds and wealth management companies. It has many beaches including Greenwich Point and Island Beach which requires the use of a ferry to access that beach. It is also home to Bruce Park in central Greenwich and Binney Park in Old Greenwich.

Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins represents clients who have received personal injuries in a car accident. Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins has over twenty years of experience in litigating cases involving these issues. He regularly sees clients at his office at Six Landmark Square in Stamford. His main office is located at 8 Wright St #107, Westport, CT 06880.