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Fairfield Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident or suffered a slip-and-fall on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation for those responsible for your harm. Victims injured by another party’s negligent behavior have the right to file personal injury claims to receive financial assistance for costs related to those injuries. Fairfield personal injury attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins of The Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins is dedicated to making sure his clients have the legal support they need while they focus on recovering. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can lead to significant injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries. Victims of these collisions can need extensive medical treatment such as surgeries and physical therapy, and often must also take time away from work. Mr. Hoffkins helps these victims pursue the proper legal action against those liable. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, fallen at a business, or any other incident you believe involved negligence, contact The Law Offices of Kevin L. Hoffkins today to find out about your legal options.

Accidents Giving Rise to Personal Injury Claims in Fairfield

As a populous suburban town on the shore of the Long Island Sound, residents and visitors alike can suffer injuries in Fairfield. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you determine if your situation might give rise to a legal claim. For instance, patrons of businesses in one of the shopping centers like Fairfield Center, Black Rock Shopping Center, or Fairway Plaza may suffer injuries in a slip-and-fall accidents due to dangerous conditions, which may indicate premises liability. Also, often those driving on Interstate 95 or the Merritt Parkway can be victims in a car or truck collision. If you’ve been injured in any type of accident, the first step is to seek medical attention right way. Not only is this important to make sure you are diagnosed and treated promptly, but documentation of your injuries can be vital in any necessary legal action.

Obtaining a police report after a motor vehicle accident can also be helpful in court. In Fairfield, Police Reports are issued by the Fairfield Police Department Records Division. Some, but not all, accident reports may be available online. Paper copies of an accident report are only available at police headquarters, which is located at 100 Reef Road. Additionally, if you were involved in an accident in the Town of Fairfield, and it was not reported at the time, you may fill out and submit a Late Reported Accident Report form. Contacting a seasoned Fairfield personal injury lawyer who can make sure you have all the right documents is advisable.

Showing Liability in Personal Injury Lawsuits

In any personal injury claim, the injured party, or plaintiff, must show that the defendant, or liable party, acted negligently. Negligence is present when the defendant has breached an owed duty of reasonable care to the plaintiff, causing their injuries, as well as resulting in damages. In motor vehicle accidents it is usually one driver who has acted carelessly on the road, by speeding, texting, or otherwise being unreasonable. In slip-and-fall cases, often a business owner has breached their duty to a customer by failing to provide reasonably safe conditions. Once liability is shown, a plaintiff may be awarded damages for past and future medical expenses, loss of income and diminished earning capacity.

Dedicated Personal Injury Representation in Fairfield

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall, truck, car, or other motor vehicle accident, Fairfield personal injury lawyer Kevin L. Hoffkins is here to assist you in your legal journey. With over three decades of experience in the field, Mr. Hoffkins remains committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate legal representation to clients throughout Connecticut. Contact our office today or online to learn more about our services.