Child Support

In Connecticut, whenever child custody or visitation is at issue, the Court will require that child support be ordered. To determine the correct amount of child support, the court will require that the parties refer to the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines. The Court will not consider issuing a final order of divorce or a temporary order of child custody without also issuing an order of child support in accordance with the guidelines. Thus, the child support guidelines will be used in both temporary motions and final dissolution hearings that involve child custody.

At first glance, it may appear that the Child Support Guidelines are simple. However, you will find that the concepts behind the Child Support Guidelines are not so simple. Just like any area of law, there is substantial case law behind many of the rules that are used to determine income, allowable deductions from income, and allowable deviations from the guidelines. The guidelines also make provision for sharing day care expenses, un-reimbursed health expenses and the cost of health insurance.

Normally child support terminates once the child turns eighteen. However, the court can order that child support continue until the child turns nineteen or the child graduates from high school, whichever is first. Additionally, if you have a disabled child who is dependent on the parent for support, then child support can be ordered to continue until the child turns twenty. Judges are not required to follow the guidelines for disabled children.

In addition to child support, the Court has authority to issue orders concerning payment of the child’s college education. The Court can order which party will pay for the college education of the child, or what portion of the child’s college education will be paid by each parent.

A strong knowledge of how the Child Support Guidelines work is essential to making sure that the right amount of child support is paid. Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins is fully conversant in the Connecticut Child Support Guidelines, and can guide you through the process of getting the child support amount that you deserve.

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