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Westport Car Accident Lawyer

The Town of Westport had Seven hundred and twenty four traffic collisions in Two Thousand and nineteen. Thankfully, none of these involved fatalities. The number of traffic accidents seemed to peak in the week of June 9. In normal times, if you have had an auto collision in Westport, you could obtain an accident report by going to the Westport Police Department at 50 Jessup Road in Westport between 10:P00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. However, the police department is currently not taking requests for traffic accidents reports in person. The Westport Police requests that you use their online portal at Police Reports Website. The fee for a report online is $7.00.

Attorney Hoffkins regularly represents people who have been injured in traffic accidents. People who have had been involved in traffic accidents can have serious injuries that can be readily apparent or be rather subtle, and don’t materialize until hours or days after the initial crash. Such injuries can include spinal injuries that don’t cause pain at the auto accident scene. Also, people can have a mild traumatic brain injury for which the symptoms do not begin to appear until much later. Please see the other pages on these injuries reported elsewhere. One of the biggest problems caused by this phenomenon is that the people who are injured don’t report the injury to the investigating officer at the scene or don’t go the hospital or a doctor for weeks. This gives the insurance companies room to argue that you were not really injured in the collision. Kevin L. Hoffkins is a car accident lawyer who can prepare a case that gets around this problem.

Westport, Connecticut has several streets where auto collisions regularly occur. Of course the Post Road West and Post Road East are main thoroughfares that see plenty of auto collisions. Also, Route 33 which leads from the Post Road up to the Merritt Parkway and the Wilton town line see plenty of auto collisions.

People who live in Westport, or who have had an auto collision in Westport can have their case heard in the Superior Court for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk at Stamford. Attorney Kevin L Hoffkins is a car accident lawyer who has litigated many cases concerning auto collision injuries in this court. He is very familiar with the judges and the clerks who work in that Court. The address of this court is 123 Hoyt Street, in Stamford, Connecticut. Although the issue of where a case is heard can also depend on where the parties live. If one of the parties to a lawsuit live in another county or judicial district, they could file the case in the court that serves the other judicial district.

People from Westport often also get suffer injuries from slipping and falling on commercial property. Whenever any individual is injured from a trip and fall on another person’s, or a business’s property, then there is the potential for liability. Major commercial properties in Westport include Stop & Shop, and several shopping centers along Post Road Ease.

To succeed on such a claim you must also show that the condition that you tripped on was unreasonably dangerous for the conditions. The owner must also have had notice of the dangerous condition. For instance, if a slippery substance is spilled on the floor of a supermarket, and a person falls on it one minute later, then the owner would claim he had no notice and no liability. The difficulty with these cases is proving notice. Attorney Kevin L. Hoffkins has had substantial success in proving notice in slip and fall cases.

Westport is still considered a town. It has an active cultural life as seen with the popularity of the Westport Country Playhouse. Westport is also the home of some large businesses such as Bridgewater Capital.

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Kevin helped me with my family court matter and was very realistic with me about how court matters work and it gave me confidence how to proceed. Ultimately he helped me gain success and I’m not sure I could have done it without him. C.S.
Kevin is a great lawyer to work with , he guides you without pushing you into anything you are not comfortable with and he makes sure you understand the legal process. I highly recommend him for your legal needs. S.H.
Kevin is a great lawyer to work with. He's very knowledgable and experienced. He also has great connections. I moved to CA from CT during the case, and he did an amazing job accommodating the situation. I would highly recommend Kevin to one of my friends/family members as an attorney. T.L.